Sunday, 4 June 2017

Megyn Kelly gets a slap down from Putin

As the world continues to wonder what role Russia might have played in last November’s presidential election, Megyn Kelly sat down with the country’s leader, Vladimir Putin, for a feisty interview that aired on her new NBC show, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.The leader suggested that hackers from other nations “very skillfully and professionally shifted the blame onto Russia. Can you imagine something like that? In the midst of a political battle, by some calculations it was convenient for them to release this information so they released it, citing Russia. Can you imagine something like that? I can.” June 4

Both Kelly(b. 18 Nov.1970)  and Putin (b. 7 Oct. 1952) have a natal Sun-Neptune conjunction. On June 4, just a day after the interview, Sun (Gemini) and Neptune (Pisces) formed an exact square in the heavens which straddled the meridian at St. Petersburg.

Gemini-Pisces square: Unconscious right brain activity (Pisces)  conflicts with left brain conscious rational thought (Gemini). Imagination confuses facts.

Megyn Kelly (b. 18 Nov.1970) had Mercury transit opposite radix Sun-Neptune. Overstimulated imagination. Confusion. Misrepresentation . Deceit.

Considering the astrology, the exchange between Kelly and Putin becomes perfectly understandable.

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