Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Phoenix flights cancelled because it's too hot for planes

As temperatures climb in Phoenix, Arizona, more than 40 flights have been cancelled - because it is too hot for the planes to fly. The weather forecast for the US city suggests temperatures could reach 120F (49C) on Tuesday. That is higher than the operating temperature of some planes. American Airlines announced it was cancelling dozens of flights scheduled to take off from Sky Harbor airport during the hottest part of the day.  June 20 http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-40339730

Astronomical Myth is a "picture language," imagery that articulates the qualities of cosmic intelligence expressing throughout the greater heavens and through our lives. We are not separate from the greater heavens, from the stars and planets around us.

The news comes just a couple of days after a Mercury-Saturn opposition that aligned with the meridian in Phoenix. When a mundane aspect aligns with the horizon or meridian it is considered very significant for the place.

 Mercury [24ge] was often depicted as a god with winged sandals flying through clouds. In addition here it is conjunct the MC[22ge] and the star alpha (α) Columba, Phact [22ge] in the Dove's wing. Recall that Saturn is the dark god of obstructions and  delays so that the grounding flights is a perfect manifestation of a Mercury-Saturn opposition.

The news article explains why higher temperature is a problem for aircrafts.

“At higher temperatures, air has a lower density - it is thinner. That lower air density reduces how much lift is generated on an aircraft's wings - a core principle in aeronautics. That, in turn, means the aircraft's engines need to generate more thrust to get airborne”.

On the Ascendant [23vi] is the star alpha Antilia [23vi], the hot-air pump,[1]. Nick Fiorenza explains that this area is linked to “hot air”.  So we have Columba, the Dove’s wing, unable (Saturn)  to generate enough lift for take off  because of the hot air!

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