Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Snake bitten man asks wife to die with him

An Indian man was bitten by a venomous snake, sending a lethal dose of poison through his veins. With death imminent, he did the only thing he could: he bit his wife so she would die alongside him. However, the wife claims that she consented for him to do so. Shankar Rai, a resident of Birsingpur village in the Samastipur district of Bihar state, was bitten by a snake in his sleep on Saturday (June 10) night. Upon waking, he realized he was going to die and became emotional. He looked at his wife Amiri and told her that he loved her more than anything and that his dying wish was to perish alongside her. To that end, he sunk his teeth into Amiri's wrist, which she allowed him to do.

The constellations and their stars represent an important ancient resource of knowledge for astrology on which much solid work has been done in the past.  But unfortunately modern astrology, with its focus on the tropical zodiac, misses out information that would be valuable in understanding mundane events like this one in the news.

Shankar Rai of  Samastipur was bitten by a snake in his sleep on  June 10, just a day after the Full Moon. At Samastipur, the Full Moon fell very significantly on the horizon axis. The Full Moon was conjunct Saturn and square Neptune.

Saturn is the planet that enforces boundaries. Neptune, on the other hand,  embraces everything without condition or exception. It seeks unity: complete and utter oneness. The notion of separation is beyond anathema to this cosmic presence for it perceives all things as simply one big whole without image or identity. Neptune cannot be defined or restricted. It has no notion of me and you, self and other.

The Full Moon, the Ascendant and Saturn are placed amid the stars of Serpens – a constellation linked to poisons and snake bites.

Putting the pieces together we have the issue facing Amiri, the wife of Shankar Rai, so clearly defined. Should she die with her husband since he loves her and they are supposedly one or should she separate herself from his fate? 

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