Friday, 30 June 2017

Trump Prepares To Unleash Global Trade War

While one of Trump's recurring campaign promises was that he would "punish" China and other key US trade counterparties if elected, for taking advantage of free-trade by imposing steep tariffs and duties on foreign imports to "level the playing field", the President's stance changed drastically after the election, U-turning following his amicable meeting with China's president Xi Jinping in March, but mostly as a result of pressure by his ex-Goldman advisors to keep existing trade arrangements in place and not "rock the boat." Now, all that may be about to fall apart.  June 30

Donald Trump celebrated his birthday on June 14. However, this year the Sun returned to his natal position on June 13. His  current solar return chart is shown here. 

We can see the Jupiter-Pluto square aligned with the horizon and meridian axes and Mercury, Mars and the Sun in the 9th house moving towards the MC.  A Mars/Pluto opposition started on June 25 and is exact and separating on July 2. But Mars and Pluto are not alone in this volatile and pernicious interaction. From June 28 through July 3, Mercury conjuncts Mars and opposes Pluto, and beginning July 3, the Sun also conjuncts Mars and opposes Pluto.

On June 30, the date of the news, Trump’s Wynn Key Return has Mars on the MC as part of a T-square with Jupiter-Pluto.

Jupiter is often associated with various kinds of excess. In the case of Mars square Jupiter, this may manifest as overconfidence or excessive aggression. Mars Jupiter aspect suggests an “act first, think later” type of approach.   This can lead to rash actions that don’t contribute to overall success.
If the lower levels of the Mars-Pluto opposition is expressed, the individual seeks to force  his will upon others for the sheer sake of power OVER others. In such a case the result may vary from disappointment all the way to self destruction. When the higher aspects of the opposition is expressed, there will be a positive determination to follow the free will of the physical self, in recognition of the need for transformation of perspective especially with reference to social issues that require this transforming touch.

In her weekly blogpost for June 28 – July 4, Ralfee Finn writes:

The source of this week’s danger zone is an opposition between Mars, in Cancer, and Pluto, in Capricorn. Mars signifies the athlete, the warrior and the adventurer as it simultaneously represents ambition, the need to succeed and the impulse to move. Its passion has the power to escalate Cancer’s normal emotional hypersensitivity into hyperspace moodiness, which is likely to manifest as extreme impulsivity. Of course, being patient won’t be easy because Pluto, the Planet of death and rebirth, is in Capricorn opposing Mars, and that tense interaction tends to kill empathy and instead engender ruthless intent—it’s a get-the-job-done-at-any- cost attitude without concern for consequences.

Mars [17cn] is placed among the stars of  sidereal Gemini about which Nick Fiorenza  relates to trade and commerce:

Sidereal Gemini is of high intensity intellectual communication, information, commerce, goods and services, and of their exchange. The Twins are of partnerships in mutual cooperation, linking and uniting efforts through their daily affairs in the world. The Twins work hand-in-hand for the betterment and evolutionary fulfillment of humankind.

The Twins are depicted hugging each other (or even joined at the hip) suggesting the need for co-operation but notice that Pollux carries a club in his right hand while Castor has a bow and arrow in his left hand implying the Twins are often at loggerheads too!

Pluto[18cp] is conjunct the stars of Aquila, the Eagle sometimes depicted as a Vulture. About this area, Diana Rosenberg writes:

There is a dark side: the Eagle-Vulture was originally a lammergier, a bird that both hunts and scavenges. The worst here can become cynical opportunists, seeking only their own advantage, closing their minds and hearts, accepting, allowing (even abetting) the suffering of others. Fiercely absolutist in their beliefs. They are willing to put them into action, putting themselves in the line of fire, even when everyone’s against them.

Putting the pieces helps explain Trump’s actions. The American Eagle(Vulture ?)  first no matter what the cost! 

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