Monday, 5 June 2017

UK Election 2017

It has been pointed by some astrologers that the March 9, 2016 solar eclipse is activated by the Full Moon of June 9, 2017 and therefore should have a bearing on the UK elections. That is indeed how mundane astrology works. I have discussed the UK elections in a previous post [1] wherein I used the February 26, 2017 solar eclipse chart. If the stars are consistent  in the plan that they have for us, we should expect that the two eclipses to contain the same or at least a similar message.

The following edited extract from Nick Fiorenza’s  post on the March 9, 2016 solar eclipse, entitled “Altruistic – Total Solar Eclipse”  summarizes the message of the eclipse.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs amongst the flowing waters dispensed from the Urn of Aquarius. It also conjoins Fum al Samakah, the mouth of the primordial fish , and it lies under the auspices of Pegasus, between Homam and Markab, and over the Phoenix, a sign of renewal, rising from the ashes.

All of these stars articulate and impel the dispersion or distribution of humanitarian or altruistic resources. The stream of Aquarius is of nourishment, of giving and bestowal. These stars bring inspiration to facilitate for others the ability to move into a greater flow or involvement in life, to make it possible for others to sculpt or cultivate lives that lead to the fulfillment of their pursuits. They impel the dissolution of limitations to achieve dreams and higher ideals. Homam, Zeta Pegasus, a fortuitous star, is "lucky star of the hero," also "lucky star of the high-minded man."
This lunar cycle, and the several months ahead, brings emphasis to humanity's fundamental need for nourishment, common to all people beyond any cultural or societal disparities, and the means to make that nourishment available to all people. It brings emphasis to address human physical conditions, as well as humanity's deeper societal issues.

This South Node Solar Eclipse T-Square, and this lunar cycle, creates a powerful force to let go of constructs in our lives that no longer provide room for growth, movement and expansion. In other words, we have grown as far as the limits imposed by those constructs have permitted. It is now time to either begin to change those constructs so they can allow a greater level of growth, expansion and fulfillment, or to dismantle those constructs all together.

In brief the eclipse favours a situation or a leader who would care for the needs of the common man. Let us ask ourselves whether Theresa May or Jermey Corbyn fulfills this requirement better? I would think Corbyn.

At London, the eclipse T-square straddles the horizon and is therefore significant for the place. Saturn, the apex of the T, is on the Ascendant  amid stars of Ophiuchus and conjunct the medical asteroid Aesculapia both hinting that health related issues for the masses may be important in this election. A BBC report  Health: A key issue in the general election, appears to confirm this.

The conjunction of Uranus to the IC (square Pluto) in the eclipse chart is interpreted by H.S. Green as
Troubles for the Government. Opposition may be stronger than usual and may score against the Government or unpopularity with the people may tell against them in the country.

The chart for the June 9, 2017 Full Moon at London has the TNPs Kronos-Hades along with Mars on the MC.  Martha Wescott provides the following delineation:

To note a disgust with Government; to recognize a polarization between “labor and management”, between the perceived “aristocracy” and the common man; to be aware of leaders with “a common touch”. (note: I think this delineation once again favors Corbyn)

Finally, as I mentioned in the previous post, this is no guarantee that Corbyn will win. The stars may favour him but the British electorate is free to choose and can reject the cosmic plan. There is no way one can predict the outcome of the election!

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