Saturday, 17 June 2017

Yellowstone Quake

Poseidon (Neptune) – God of Earthquakes

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) seismology reports conclude that a massive swarm of earthquakes swept through the park on Friday triggering more than 60 separate events in which seismographs spiked to magnitudes of up to 5.0. Experts fear that the supervolcano is long overdue for an eruption capable of wiping out a vast amount of human, animal, and plant life in the Continental United States.

Earthquakes are found to be associated with eclipses, lunations and with important planetary conjunctions and oppositions. These mundane events are liable to cause seismic disturbances especially if  they fall very close to the line of the horizon or of the meridian.

The first mundane event we look at here is the chart for the Full Moon at Yellowstone. Notice that the Full Moon axis forms a T with Neptune on the MC. Neptune or Poseidon was in Greek mythology connected with earthquakes [1].

The second event is the chart for the Last Quarter Moon on June 17, which also forms a T-square with the Mercury-Saturn (forming) opposition aligned with the horizon.

Finally, we have the chart for the exact Mercury-Saturn opposition on June 19, which aligns with the meridian.

Each of these is a contributor to the Yellowstone quakes. And we must not fail to notice that on Friday, June 16, the transit Moon (the  fast moving "second hand" of the cosmic clock) conjoined Neptune – the lord of earthquakes – on the MC in the Full Moon chart!


PS: Neptune stationed to go retrograde on June 16. Those new to astrology can read about this phenomena here.

All charts that have a prominent Neptune placement get a strong “kick” from Neptune at this time.  Our Full Moon chart for Yellowstone has Neptune on the MC – a very significant position – and was therefore affected.

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