Friday, 14 July 2017

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo dies

Liu Xiaobo ( 28 December 1955 – 13 July 2017) was a Chinese literary critic, writer, human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate who called for political reforms and was involved in campaigns to end communist single-party rule. He was incarcerated as a political prisoner in Jinzhou, Liaoning. On 26 June 2017, he was granted medical parole after being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and he died at the hospital on 13 July 2017.

A chart for the current Full Moon at Shenyang, China where Xiaobo died is shown here. Notice that the Full Moon aligns with the Mars-Pluto opposition on the meridian and forms a T with Jupiter on the Ascendant.

When the higher aspects of the Mars-Pluto opposition is expressed, there is  a determination to fight for social issues.  When positive, this energy has the driving force of the unencumbered higher self that moves mountains from inspired passion based on a sense of duty, purpose, and necessity. Courage is differentiated from simple ego aggression by the fact that an integral concept is the motivating factor, not personal self-serving control. The good of the whole is the end result of this transforming energy.

Also we notice that the Full Moon conjoins Pluto in sidereal Sagittarius (also Xiaobo’s radix sidereal Sun sign). The Sagittarian Zen Archer is one who is willing to live, fight, and die for a Greater Truth. Steely courage and a searing, relentless conscience are the keys; they learn to become heroes of their own lives, patiently doing what is before them  to do, facing down heavy odds, yet theirs may be a “destiny of fire”.  Fiercely absolutist in their beliefs, they are willing to put them into action, putting themselves in the line of fire and suffering on account of it.

Additional details can be gleaned from the chart. The Sabian symbol of the Ascendant [17li32] is:

Phase 198: Two men under arrest
When individuals try to reform an established order they may be punished by that order.  For individuals the challenge is how to make their transforming vision acceptable to society. The fact that two men are under arrest suggests a polarization and a purpose transcending a mere fit of recklessness. Negative as the image may seem, one may see implied in it the power in every individual to assume social risks in order to express his convictions even if he has to face the consequences. (edited from Dane Rudhyar)

Finally we note that the asteroid Orpheus [13ar] which rules “death” is on the descendant. It is opposite Jupiter which in medical astrology rules the liver [1] and square Pluto that stands for diseases like cancer[2].

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