Monday, 3 July 2017

Germany bus crash

Eighteen people are missing and feared dead after flames engulfed a tour bus that crashed on the A9 motorway in southern Germany. The bus was in a collision with a lorry near Stammbach in north Bavaria.Thirty people escaped the fire, some critically injured. Rescue helicopters joined emergency workers at the scene. A fire service spokesman said it was unlikely that any of the 18 missing could have survived. Police say the tourists were Germans from Saxony. July 3

Mars alignments always increase  the potential for accidents, conflict and violence. Fires, crashes, clashes and explosions are common. In Stammbach, Germany, the Mars-Pluto opposition of July 2 aligned with the meridian putting it in the cross-hairs of the destructive energy. With Mercury also involved in the mix, we have a transportation related accident.

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