Sunday, 16 July 2017

Nawaz Sharif’s Fate Hangs on ‘Fontgate’

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN)The Microsoft font Calibri could be an unlikely smoking gun in a corruption scandal which has mired Pakistan's ruling family and captivated the country. The scandal centers around allegations that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's family owns properties in London through offshore companies. And while owning property in itself is not illegal, opposition parties have questioned if the money to buy them came from public funds. Last November, the Prime Minister's daughter, Maryam, tweeted images of a disclosure form claiming she wasn't the real owner of the apartments. She said the documents proved she was a "trustee and not the owner" of the properties. Investigators looking into the scandal noticed an odd thing. The document is dated 2006. But it was typed using Calibri. And, as the investigators noted in their report, that font was not commercially available until the following year.

Eclipses are tied to changing circumstances. Since ancient times, they  have been feared  by rulers of nations because they often brought about a crisis of sorts that lead to a significant event or change. The chart for the upcoming solar eclipse of August 21 (which is already active) drawn for Pakistan’s capital Islamabad has Neptune in the 10th house opposite Mercury in the 4th making a T-square with the horizon axis.

Mercury-Neptune is indicative of unrealistic thinking, being out of touch with reality, as well as smoke and mirrors, lies and deception, some of which can be unearthed under stressful transits.

About Neptune in the mundane 10th house, H.S. Green in his book Mundane or National Astrology writes:

If afflicted, the Monarch, the Government lose power or popularity. Some scandal or disgrace is likely to be incurred by prominent people.

Nawaz Sharif (b. 25 Dec. 1949) has a natal Mercury [20cp]-Neptune [17li] square. Currently transit Pluto squares Neptune and  is moving to a conjunction with Mercury. About Pluto's  transit in the sidereal zodiac, Nick Fiorenza writes:

Pluto is a deconstructor and deprogrammer of long-standing behavioral and inherited patterns, and in the Zen Archer, a revealer of and opener to a greater truth.

Since Mercury rules the written or spoken word, language and documents by extension it is also linked to fonts which in this case became the source of Pluto’s revelation.

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