Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Silicon Valley Begins to Crack Visibly

There are parts of Silicon Valley where commercial real estate is still hanging on, and there are parts where it has let go. In Santa Clara, it has let go. Overall availability of office space in Santa Clara was nearly 19% in the first quarter, according to Savills Studley, up from 14% a year ago. Only two other areas in Silicon Valley – Milpitas and North San Jose – show greater availability at respectively 23% and a harrowing 30%.  July 2 http://wolfstreet.com/2017/07/02/silicon-valley-commercial-real-estate-bubble/

The following extract from Tony Howard [1] explains the Saturn-Neptune dynamics:

The Saturn-Neptune cycle is fairly common - we experience a major aspect between the two planets (Conjunction, Square or Opposition) every 9 years. But that frequency doesn’t diminish its important role. Metaphorically, interactions between Saturn and Neptune can express on the high end as “sobering up.”

Saturn brings the energies of discipline and judgment to balance Neptune’s imaginary and escapist leanings. The square suggests the dance isn’t a comfortable one. We may find ourselves in tense moments in which our escapism is brought to our awareness in the harsh light of day. If so, our challenge is to accept this new insight, and take responsibility for the actions that brought us to this place, and start taking steps to change our behavior.

Essentially when Saturn acts on Neptune unrealistic ideas and expectations get a reality check so that quite a few bubbles burst. A chart for the last Saturn-Neptune square drawn for Santa Clara has Saturn on  the IC (4th cusp) square Neptune on the descendant (7th cusp).

In Mundane or National Astrology, H.S. Green writing about Saturn in the 4th  states:

Buliding, farming and mining do not prosper. House and land property do not sell well.

If we now progress the chart (by the PSSR method) to July 2, the date of the news, we find that the Saturn-Neptune square comes back to its own place thereby triggering the original meaning.

[1] Saturn Square Neptune: Sobering Up

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