Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Tories to no longer insist on austerity

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the Conservatives have argued that austerity was an economic necessity. Now they seem to accept it is a political choice, as Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have long claimed. Labour did not win last month’s election, but it has won this big political argument. Theresa May’s unseemly deal with the Democratic Unionist Party, which will support the Tories in key Commons votes in return for an extra £1bn for Northern Ireland, has undermined the Government’s ability to say no to other demands for spending. The “magic money tree” soundbite used to attack Labour’s plans during the election is no longer on Tory lips. Indeed, Cabinet ministers queue up to demand more spending, notably by lifting the 1 per cent cap on public sector pay rises. July 3

In the last one week or so,  Mercury and Mars conjoined in Cancer (exact on Jun 28) and then moved together to oppose Pluto (on Jun 30 and Jul 2, respectively), another pronounced example of faster-moving inner planets cruising into the Jupiter-Pluto square's orb-of-influence, triggering its energies into an immediate amplified expression.

Because Pluto tears down and rebuilds whatever it touches, with Jupiter-Pluto we may find ourselves disillusioned or let down by what we had previously believed in. Our theories of the world no longer work and anomalies in our belief-systems become apparent. In the UK chart, Moon [19cn] in the 10th house  is being affected by this Jupiter-Pluto square. Are the Tories  realizing that they  out of touch with the masses (Moon)? The 10th house rules government leaders. Under Pluto transit opposite Moon, these leaders risk becoming unpopular if they do not “feel” for the masses.  In accord with the investigative and penetrating nature of Pluto, this transit (along with Mercury )  can bring new insights that can herald a step in the right direction.

Shown here is the chart for the Mercury-Pluto opposition drawn for London. Notice that the opposition aligns with the meridian implying that it is significant for the place. Under Mercury-Pluto our opinions and ideas are open to change. This is essentially the reason why the Tories are singing a different tune!

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