Monday, 17 July 2017

US-Russia synastry explains property spat

Charts are true. Utterly. With a precision that can stun. The task, then, is to learn and understand the factors and techniques that reveal the truth – Martha Wescott

The disagreement between Washington and Moscow about the return of Russia's diplomatic property in the US will be difficult to resolve since both sides look to be digging their heels in, political scientist Grigory Dobromelov told Radio Sputnik. Killenworth, an estate built in 1913 for George du Pont Pratt and purchased by the former Soviet Union in 1951, is seen in Glen Cove, New York, on December 30, 2016. Killenworth is one of two Russian compounds on the North Shore of Long Island with Norwich House, in Upper Brookville, being closed to Russian officials as part of the sanctions ordered by US President Barack Obama in retaliation for suspected Russian hacking during the US elections. The US is willing to give back Russia's diplomatic properties in the US under the condition that it will receive something in return from Moscow, a senior official from the White House told Sputnik on Monday. July 17

Synastry is the art of relationship Astrology. It is a fascinating and illuminating study of how individuals or groups interact with one another. No matter how hard we try we cannot get away from the issues that our relationship charts bring up. At any point in time progressed interchart  aspects between two entities can illuminate the issues involved in the interaction.  The spat between Russia and the US over property is easily explained if we superimpose Russia’s progressed Sun on the US Sibly planets. Russia’s mundane chart data is 25 December 1991; 5:20 pm GMT, Moscow. Based on this, Russia’s solar arc progressed Sun [29cp] is conjunct US Sibly Pluto [27cp] triggering the entire complex pattern connected to Pluto. Also transit Uranus [28ar] is square Sibly Pluto:
Uranus-Pluto: disregard  for rules and role expectations is based on resentments. The US completely disregards the rules of diplomacy by seizing Russian property.

PLUTO [27cp] conj. CUPIDO [24cp]-KRONOS [21cp]; SQUARE HADES [1sc]; opp. MERCURY [24cn]

Mercury-Kronos-Cupido : discussion or news (Mercury) about laws, rules or procedures (Kronos) connected with real estate (Cupido).

Cupido-Kronos-Pluto : differences of opinion (Kronos) regarding housing or real estate (Cupido) are actually power struggles or arise from resentment and a need to push others to their limits (Pluto).

Hades-Pluto: to recognize that ugliness is rooted in resentment or a desire for revenge or power; to achieve power or position over others through demeaning them.

The chart for the Last Quarter Moon of July 16 drawn for the midpoint between Moscow and Washington is very significant since it forms a T-square with Mars-Uranus-Pluto that not only straddles the meridian but also activates the US Sibly configuration involving Pluto discussed above.

PS: Definitions for the TNPs mentioned in this post can be found at:

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