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Astrology of the Las Vegas shooting

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

― Gospel of Thomas

More than 50 people were killed and at least 200 others injured after a gunman opened fire Sunday night at a country music festival opposite the Mandalay Bay hotel and resort on the Las Vegas Strip, authorities said.The death toll, which police emphasised was preliminary and tentative, would make the attack the deadliest mass shooting in US history, eclipsing last year’s massacre of 49 people at an Orlando night club. Oct 2

In his October forecast, Richard Nolle wrote:
Like any other strong Mars aspect, the October 6-17 Mars-Saturn square significantly ups the "fires, crashes, clashes and explosions" factor in human experience. People acting rashly, out of haste and anger: not a safe situation.
 OCT 11, 2017 Mars-Saturn Square Look out for the usual Mars manifestations during this period: a rise in recklessness, anger, conflict, and violence both personal and social. You’ll see it in the headlines: murder, mass murder (school and workplace shootings); riots, terror attacks and military provocations. Yes, these things happen all the time. They just come thicker and faster when the Red Planet is configured with the Ringed One. Slow down, stay alert, be safe.

It may appear that he is slightly off regarding the dates. But we need to remember that an aspect like the Mars-Saturn square can become active for a place when some other mundane event brings it in aspect to the angles.  A chart for  Venus trine Pluto (exact on Oct.3) drawn for Las Vegas is shown here. Notice that Saturn is conjunct the Ascendant and the two together form the apex of a T-square with Venus-Mars-Nepune-Moon. Mars-Saturn is of course linked to violence as Richard Nolle explains. But we can see some other details too.

Neptune is the planet of inspiration. The higher octave of Venus, Neptune brings beauty to a higher, more spiritual level. It also holds sway over dreams, the subconscious, illusions, fantasies and all things magical and enchanting. It rules all visual communication, whether with symbols or gestures, such as photography, film, ballet and other dance arts, music, painting and poetry. Therefore, the presence of Neptune in the mix explains why the violence took place at a music performance.

Readers may also like to check the progressed Capricorn Ingress chart for the event. Notice that it brings the violent Mars-Pluto-Zeus combination to an aspect with the angles on Oct.1 -2.

Finally, we note in passing, that Saturn is transiting opposite the Sibly Mars (22ge) and square Neptune [22vi] so that a Mars-Saturn-Neptune combination in the national chart  is correctly describing violence at a music concert.

It is reported that the Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock was born  April 9, 1953. His radix Sun would then be 19 Aries which has been receiving a square from transit Pluto which stationed to go direct on September 28.

Pluto governs the instincts and the forces of nature. It is the dark and often terrifying reality that lurks beneath the surface of things, beneath social conventions and the veneer of civilization as also beneath the surface of the earth , that is periodically unleashed with destructive and transformative force. It is the Dionysian energy of life which compels, empowers, overwhelms, transforms; it destroys and resurrects.

For the current period, Paddock’s progressed solar arc Sun [22ge] conjoins the Sibly Mars [22ge] which is receiving an opposition from Saturn transit [22sa] …a combination linked to violence and mayhem.

A police statement said the shooting began at 22:08 local time on Sunday (05:08 GMT on Monday). A chart for the moment has  the Sibly Mars [22ge] and Paddock’s progressed sun [22ge] rising with transit Saturn [22sa] on the descendant in a slightly wide but forming square to transit Mars [17vi].