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Resignation syndrome: Sweden's mystery illness

SAD LITTLE GIRL in Painting by Wawan Teamlo

For nearly two decades Sweden has been battling a mysterious illness. Called Resignation Syndrome, it affects only the children of asylum-seekers, who withdraw completely, ceasing to walk or talk, or open their eyes. Eventually they recover. But why does this only seem to occur in Sweden? Oct.26

In this post we hope to show how an accurately timed national horoscope can help explain problems that might bewilder experts. The horoscope of Sweden [1] as provided by Nicholas  Campion in his "The Book of World Horoscopes" is reproduced here.

The table below gives the  current solar arc progressions for Sweden.

Sweden - Natal Chart
7 Dec 1865 NS, 3:20 pm, LMT -1:12:12
 Stockholm Sweden, 59°N20', 018°E03'
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac

Selection: Solar Arc Dirns1

P1 (H)          Asp                P2 (H)          EXL                Type             Date                           Pos1                      Pos2           

Sun (12)     Sxt                 Demete (11)(X)             Sa-Na            18 Dec 2017                  17°Ta44' D           17°Pi44' D
Sun (12)     Qnx               Proser (6)  (X)                  Sa-Na            29 Dec 2017                17°Ta46' D           17°Li46' D
Sun (12)     Sqr                 Mon (4)      (X)                  Sa-Na            17 Jan 2018            17°Ta49' D           7°Le49' D

MC (1)         Opp               Mer (7)       (X)                  Sa-Na            28 Jan 2018                    06°Cn19' D      06°Cp19' D
MC (1)         Sqr                 Atlant (5)   (X)                  Sa-Na            24 Mar 2018                  06°Cn28' D       06°Li28' D
MC (2)         SSx                 Ceres (4)    (X)                  Sa-Na            8 Jul 2019                     07°Cn43' D        07°Le43' R
MC (2)         Sqr                 Nep (11)    (X)                  Sa-Na            15 Aug 2019                   07°Cn49' D        07°Ar49' R

*** END REPORT ***

The most important directions are (a) the progressed Sun square Moon (b) progressed MC opposite Mercury and square Neptune.

 Here the Moon [17le] is amid stars of the celestial ship Argo (a symbol for migrations) and the stars of Ursa Minor (the Bear Cub) and Leo Minoris (the Lion Cub) (both symbolizing  children).  In our context here, the combination, therefore, is referring to the effect of migration on children. The accompanying asteroids  Demeter and Proserpina clarify the matter further. Demeter refers to issues concerning parents and children and Proserpina is associated with  trauma and separation anxieties because of life transitions (e.g. settling in a new place etc.) [2].

The second set of MC directions adds further details.  The progressed MC has triggered the Mercury-Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune T-square (which is also anchored to the radix Moon). To understand the influence of the T-square in our context we can break it into parts. Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune is a combination associated with long journeys quite often for emigration. For Mercury-Uranus-Neptune, Ebertin gives us the following delineation:

Mercury-Neptune: Disturbances which originate in the sub-conscious. (with Uranus) convulsive disturbances in connection with the nervous system.

For Uranus-Neptune, Martha Wescott provides further information:

Uranus-Neptune: to have violent or upsetting dreams; the sudden onset of drowsiness, weakness or feelings of hopelessness or resignation; to encounter the debilitating effects of stress.

The asteroid Atlantis, in the mix, aspected by the progressed MC refers to a sense of hopelessness and impending doom [2].

Having dealt with the Swedish national chart we go one step further and take a look at the chart for the current solar eclipse at Stockholm. Notice that the eclipse is in Leo (a sign linked to children) and placed in the 6th house which rules “ national vulnerability to epidemics and widespread diseases”[3]. The eclipse itself is conjunct the asteroids Circe and Persephone. Circe is a helper or facilitator while Persephone refers to people in transition facing new circumstances and the separation anxiety that accompanies it [2].

Highlighted on the angles of the chart is the combination Mercury-Neptune on the horizon with Saturn on the MC.   Among other things, Mercury refers to children.  For Saturn-Neptune, Ebertin gives:

Saturn-Neptune: Painful or tormenting emotional inhibitions, undermining circumstances leading to state of illness, neuroses or diseases with causes difficult to discern.

Finally progressing the eclipse chart to Oct. 26, the date of the news brings the Mercury-Neptune opposition on the horizon to an alignment with the meridian thereby triggering and confirming the role of the solar eclipse in bringing the matter to public consciousness.