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Argentina’s submarine disaster

The Argentine navy says it has abandoned attempts to rescue 44 crew members on board a submarine that disappeared two weeks ago. "Despite the magnitude of the efforts made, it has not been possible to locate the submarine," navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said on Thursday. The sub, the ARA San Juan, last made contact on Wednesday 15 November. Hopes of finding survivors faded after a suspected explosion was reported near its last-known location. Dec.1

As per The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, the Mundane Horoscope of Argentina is set for May 25, 1810, 12:00 pm LMT ; Buenos Aires [1]. Using this data the progressed solar arc Ascendant [12sa] is square radix Saturn [12sa] part of the Saturn-Neptune conjunction square Pluto. Saturn-Neptune is a combination that relates to disasters (Saturn) at sea (Neptune).

The upcoming Full Moon (also a SuperMoon) of December 3 is not only aligned with Argentina’s radix Saturn but  falls very significantly on the meridian at  Buenos Aires completing a T-square with Neptune on the Ascendant. With Neptune receiving hard aspects from the Mars-Uranus opposition an accident at sea is indicated.