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Crisis for Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel has hinted that another election might have to be held after the collapse of coalition talks put her fourth term as German chancellor in doubt — a political crisis that has caused consternation across Europe. Merkel said she was "very skeptical" about leading a minority government to run Europe's biggest economy and thinks another trip to the ballot box would be a better solution. The uncharacteristic disarray — Germany hasn’t had a post-election minority government since World War II — comes as Europe grapples with instability from Brexit, immigration and the rising threat from the far-right.  Nov.21

Angela Merkel’s horoscope based on the data provided at reference [1] is shown here. As always the most important transits are those of the outer planets in hard aspect to the angles or the luminaries. Here we have two of such transits. First, transit Pluto square the MC and second transit Neptune square the horizon axis. For the sake of simplicity reproduced below is Robert Hand’s delineation for each of these from his book Planets in Transit.

Pluto square Midheaven

At this time you have to be careful not to let your actions stir up resistance from others. Try to avoid acting in ways that say that you are out to change people’s lives and habits and that you will not compromise at all. On the other hand, you may experience this kind of energy from others.

Neptune square Ascendant

At this time in your life your relationships with others are likely to become confused and difficult. You may encounter persons who try to dissuade you from a course of action that you have been committed to for years, with the result that you become confused about the direction of your life. The other person's intentions in this may be either good or bad.

This is not a good time to become involved in any kind of contractual or business negotiations. Even if the people whom you are dealing with are completely honest - and with this influence they may very well be dishonest - you will find it difficult to think clearly about your own goals and objectives in the negotiations. As a result you will not get what you want from the procedure.

On November 19, transit Mars went over the MC triggering the Pluto to MC transit. Three days later Neptune stations direct square the Ascendant. Does that at all appear to be a good time for a compromise to form a coalition government?

[1] Weltkrise und Neubeginn: Die Horoskope der Staaten und Ihre persönlichen Sterne" by Elizabeth Teissier and Gerhard Hynek (MVG Verlag, 2011).