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Egypt terror attack

Egypt's President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has vowed to respond with "the utmost force" after 235 people were killed at a North Sinai mosque during Friday prayers. The al-Rawda mosque in the town of Bir al-Abed was bombed and fleeing worshippers were then gunned down. The Egyptian military has said it has conducted air strikes on "terrorist" targets in response. No group has yet claimed the attack, the deadliest in recent memory. Nov.25

The current New Moon of 18 Nov. at Bir al-Abed fell in the mundane 9th house linked to religion and by extension to a place of worship like the mosque here. It was amid the stars of Wild Beast Lupus, the Serpent, the Centaur and Draco, the dragon. Describing the influence of the stars that conjoin the November New Moon [26sc], Diana Rosenberg in her book Secrets of the Ancient Skies writes:

Given proximity to these wild sky-creatures, Libra’s  scales-of-the-law have a hard time keeping order and balance, and sometimes they lose the struggle, reverting to their ancient role as the extended claws of the Scorpion: murderers, mass killers and criminals are found under these stars (Lupus was “The Beast of Death,” and Manilius associated Hercules with possible craftiness, deceit, desertion, terrorism and street thuggery).

Lupus was called “Victima,” and “Hostia”(Victim, Hostage); he is shown dangling from the spear of Centaurus, apparently being carried towards  the (flaming) Altar as an offering (or for purification); this was Venus (MC ruler of Baghdad) at the 1257 Winter Solstice just before Ghenghis Khan’s grandson Hulagu with 200,000 Tatars besieged Baghdad massacred 400,000 Muslims. These stars were also transited in 1572 at the St. Bartholomew’s Eve Massacre of Huguenots, Paris; in 1929 at the St. Valentine’s Day massacre of Chicago gangsters; at the 1978 Guyana Massacre, when Jim Jones forced 909 members of his “People’s Temple” cult to drink poison , the shot himself; in 1994 at the start of the Ruandan genocide: militia of the ruling majority ethnic Hutu deliberately set off to kill off minority Tutsi and Hutu moderates: hundreds of thousands were hunted down and slaughtered.

The horrific massacre occurred in the Crescent Moon phase – the stage at which the New Moon becomes visible. A chart for the phase at Bir al-Abed has the Sun significantly placed on the descendant in hard aspect to the Moon-Pluto conjunction. Although separating, Mars is still square Pluto so that the Crescent Moon acted as a trigger to release the violence contained in the Mars-Pluto square.

Finally if we look at the national chart of Egypt [1], notice that Pluto is currently transiting over the MC opposite Uranus on the IC  square a Saturn-Neptune conjunction. Transit Mars has triggered this opposition by conjoining Saturn completing a T-square to the meridian and Uranus-Pluto - a very violent combination indeed!