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German Man's 20-Year-Long Search for Car Has Unexpected Ending

Back in 1997, the man reported to the police that his car went missing, but it turned out the vehicle was parked all this time where the driver left it. The German police discovered the car by accident and informed the owner about their find. A 76-year-old German man for unknown reasons drove his car into the garage of an industrial building in Frankfurt-am-Main in the late 1990s and left it there, Augsburger Allgemeine reported.

In mundane astrology, planetary stations are of great importance. Charts drawn for these stations can reveal the nature of events at a place. Neptune stations direct on Nov.22 and Mercury stations retrograde on Dec.3.

Mercury retrograde happens three to four times per year, when the planet Mercury slows down and appears to stop (station) and move backward (retrograde). Often during a Mercury retrograde things, people and ideas  return, for integration, resolution and more.

On November 14th, we enter the last Mercury Retrograde Loop of 2017. That begins the roughly eight-week Loop, which is composed of three phases: the entry phase (sometimes called the “Set-up” or “Shadow”) from November 14th to the retrograde station on December 3rd, then the actual retrograde period in the middle, from December 3rd until December 23rd, and finally the last phase of resolution of denouement from December 23rd until January 10th. So, all told, this Mercury Retrograde Loop is from November 14th, 2017, through January 10th, 2018 — a total of 58 days.

Presented here is a chart for Mercury station retrograde  at Frankfurt on December 3, the effects of which are already being felt in the Shadow Phase.

The second chart here is that of Neptune station direct at Frankfurt. Notice that both the charts carry the Pluto opposite TNPs Kronos-Hades in aspect to the meridian. It is almost as though both these stations are loudly proclaiming a common theme. So what is this theme?  If we bring in the asteroids, things become very clear. On Nov.22, the asteroids Phaethon [13cn]; Memoria [17cn] both retrograde align with the Pluto-Kronos-Hades axis. The positions of these asteroids on Dec. 3 are still in alignment with the same axis.

PHAETHON: Instances that involve cars.
HADES: Deterioration, decline also issues connected with the past.

Retrograde planets quite often refer to things that have happened in the past. Here the news tells us about an incident that happened in 1997 which involved a memory loss of where someone had parked his car!