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Iran-Iraq earthquake

A 7.3-magnitude earthquake has shaken the northern border region between Iran and Iraq, killing at least 348 people and injuring thousands more. One Iranian aid agency said 70,000 people needed shelter after the quake, one of the largest this year. Most of those who died were in Iran's western Kermanshah province. Nearly 6,300 are said to have been injured.

According to US Geological Survey, the earth quake which was centered about 31 kms from Halabja, Iraq took place on November 12.

Earthquakes are found to be associated with eclipses and important planetary conjunctions and oppositions. An eclipse (or a planetary conjunction or opposition) is always liable to cause seismic disturbances where it is visible, especially if it falls very close to the line of horizon i.e. the cusps of the first and seventh houses, or of the meridian i.e. the cusps of the tenth and fourth houses. Of these two lines, that of the meridian is more important; and that of the lower meridian i.e. the cusp of the fourth house is the most important of all. In addition to this, certain of the zodiacal signs are more closely associated with earthquakes than are others. The four fixed signs are very important in this respect; and of these Taurus and Scorpio are more often related to great shocks of earthquakes than are any other signs, when eclipses or important conjunctions occur therein, or when oppositions or squares are thrown to major planets therein. -  H.S.Green, Mundane or National Astrology

It so happens that a powerful Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio [1]  has taken place close to the meridian at Halabja fulfilling the condition laid down for earthquakes by H.S. Green.