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Is a cure for baldness just around the corner?

Coma Berenices

Berenice's Hair

   For many men, going bald is just about the worst thing they can imagine happening to them. So blokes worried about their failing follicles may want to take some solace from a new study which could pave the way for a cure for baldness. South Korean scientists have cooked up a chemical that's been shown to promote hair growth in mice. This game-changing substance has the snappy name 'CXXC-type zinc finger protein 5' and disrupts a process within cells which controls the development of hair follicles and also the healing of wounds. When tested on mice over a 28 day period, the CXXC protein promoted the growth of new follicles. Hair was also found to grow at a faster rate when applied to mice along with a chemical called valproic acid.

As in the previous news [1] this report on a cure for baldness comes from Seoul, Korea,  just days after the New Moon of Nov. 18.

The New Moon [26sc] is conjunct the star mu Serpentis near Ophiuchus’ left hand holding the Serpent.  Since time immemorial serpents have been associated with the capacity to regenerate themselves linked with their ability to shed their skins and grow new ones. The association of the serpent (Serpens) with this constellation, Ophiuchus, may indicate the miraculous powers of the medicine-man. Ophiuchus often identified with Aesculapius, we are told, was the first doctor of medicine with the ability to restore people to life. Here of course it is not people who are being restored to life but the hair on head is.

So what in the New Moon chart gives us a clue to the hair. In the previous post we were looking at the stars on the Ascendant in the constellation of Canis Major, the Greater Dog so that we had dogs being cloned. Here we shift our attention to the IC [0li12] of the chart.  At this point we have the North Pole of the Galaxy in Coma Berenice’s Hair [0li15] and the Coma Supercluster NGC 4889 again in Berenice’s hair!