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Restored painting reveals Admiral Nelson's facial scarring

It is not uncommon for prominent figures to have their imperfections airbrushed out of history. But Admiral Lord Nelson's facial scarring and missing eyebrow will now be presented in all their glory, after the discovery and painstaking restoration of a "lost" painting, which included the removal of paint that had covered up to maritime hero's blemishes. 11 Nov.

The horoscope of Lord Nelson as provided by Astro-Databank [1] is reproduced here. For our purpose, the most significant feature is the Ascendant conjunct Mars (soldier) square Neptune (sea)- a perfect description of a naval commander. During a battle at Calvi in 1794, Nelson was injured in his right eye which was irreparably damaged and he eventually lost all sight in it. At this time his progressed Sun was conjunct Mars triggering the Mars-Neptune square.

Neptune [16le; decl: +15d59m] is parallel in declination to the star Aldebaran, alpha Tauri [decl: +16d00m] in the right eye of the Bull which Diana Rosenberg links to injuries to the eye and blindness!

On Nov. 12 just a day after the news, transit Sun (precession corrected) squared Neptune bringing up the subject of the hero who had lost an eye!

At roughly the same time, the transit Sun was beginning a  conjunction to Neptune [18sc] square Saturn [23le] in the horoscope of the UK [1 Jan. 1801; 0:00 hrs, London].  A Saturn-Neptune square is often connected with the removal of illusions and false masks. But this is not all.  It gets even better. Saturn in the UK chart is conjunct the stars alpha Pyxis of Argo and alpha Pictoris in the Painter’s Easel. The constellation Argo refers to a Ship and by association to a sailor while the Painter’s Easel is a reference to drawings or paintings!

Shown here is the UK chart showing the Saturn-Neptune square forming a T-square with the TNPs Hades and Cupido.

HADES: historical, the past, mistakes.
CUPIDO: Artistry and works of art.

The upcoming New Moon [26sc] of November 18 falls on the MC at London and conjoins UK’s radix  Hades which itself is conjunct the star Kornephoros, beta (β) Hercules – the Hero.

Putting the pieces together, a historical work of art about a naval hero has mistakes removed to depict him as he was in real life.