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The horoscope of Robert Mugabe

The Fall of Ixion by Cornelis van Haarlem

Zimbabwe's embattled leader Robert Mugabe has vowed to stay in power for several weeks, despite mounting calls for him to stand down now. In a live TV address, Mr Mugabe said he would preside over the ruling party's congress in December. Zanu-PF earlier sacked him as party leader, and gave him less than 24 hours to resign as president or be impeached. His grip on power has weakened since the military intervened on Wednesday, in a row over who should succeed him. The crisis began when the 93-year-old president sacked his deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa, two weeks ago, angering army commanders who saw it as an attempt to position his wife as his successor. Nov. 20

The horoscope of Robert Mugabe based on data presented in reference [1] is reproduced here. At his current age of 93 years his progressed solar arc Ascendant [16vi] is now opposite Uranus [16pi] in the 10th house and square Jupiter [16sa]-Mars [20sa] conjunction in the 7th. A 7th – 10th conflict in his case shows up as a marriage partner [7th] creating problems for his career [10th] i.e. his position as a President of the country.

But there is more here. Opposite Uranus on the IC is the asteroid Hera [18vi] (partner) and the newly discovered Centaur Ixion [20vi] while on the Ascendant is the asteroid Dionysus [12ge]. About Ixion, Nick Fiorenza writes:

Ixion seems to exemplify people in authoritarian positions being brought to justice for tyrannical deeds involving the suppression and manipulation of people, as well as the destruction of people for one's own end. It brings emphasis to the exposure for misdeeds driven from personal gratification.  Ixion may bring attention to any internal conflict regarding the nature of our actions and if they reflect the type of person we really want to be, thus raising issues about self-deception or how we may be in denial. Ixion may raise issues about our morals, if we are presenting one persona to the world while our less-than ideal actions are demonstrating something else entirely, something other than what we know we should ideally demonstrate. Ixion may be related to where or how we may compromise our morals for personal gratification, or draw experience where we may be tempted to do so, and how we must deal with the karmic ramifications of doing so.

Moreover, the foregoing is confirmed by a simple delineation for the asteroid- planet combination.

Dionysus-Hera: to be in denial or to rationalize the behavior of a partner. (when combined with Uranus) to invite a rebellion or disruption because of the denial.

Finally, if we calculate Mugabe’s diurnal chart [2] Ascendant [15 pi] for the Nov. 15, the date of the coup, we find that it is conjunct his radix Uranus [16pi] confirming our analysis to the day!