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Adopted Chinese girl reunited with birth parents

Twenty-two years ago, a heavily pregnant Qian Fenxiang hid herself and her three-year-old daughter on a houseboat on a secluded Suzhou canal, 120km away from her home in Hangzhou, and waited. Six weeks later, she gave birth on the boat to a second daughter, a child who should have been aborted under China’s draconian one-child policy, introduced in 1979 as a means to reduce poverty. Dec.3

According to the news report , it was on the eve of the Qixi Festival this year (August 28,2017) the biological parents Qian and Xu finally laid eyes on Jingzhi – their healthy, intelligent college student daughter who is known as Catherine Su Pohler by her American adoptive parents. The meeting took place under the auspices of the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse of August 22, 2017. A chart for the eclipse at  Hangzhou, China has the Ascendant [19cn55] conjunct the asteroid Ceres (mother) and square Niobe (grief for a child). The Ascendant is also conjunct the star Castor, alpha Geminorum. Alpha and Beta Gemini were determinant stars of the Indian lunar mansion Punarvasu. “The [Two who are] Good (or Prosperous or Reunited) again”.

Jingzhi, (Catherine Su Pohler) was born at 10am on the 24th day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, 1995 which is August 19, 1995 in the Gregorian Calender so that the Total Solar Eclipse was conjunct her radix Sun and the lunar mansion Punarvasu was on the MC! Moreover, her progressed Sun [17vi] is square radix asteroid Niobe [16ge] and semi-square asteroid Lacrimosa [2sc]. Martha Wescott interprets the combination as follows:

Niobe-Orpheus (or Lacrimosa): Deaths of children or grieving for “what could have been” in connection with them.