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Brexit: 'Breakthrough' deal

If the EU referendum was the moment the British electorate clashed with the establishment, 8 December 2017 was the day that the legal and economic consequences collided with its political promises. The joint divorce agreement hammered out in the intervening 528 days makes clear that little remains of the many red lines set out by Theresa May in her Lancaster House speech or party conference address of 2016. Dec.8

The news article from the Guardian goes on to explain the several concessions that Theresa May has had to make to get the deal through. Now if we just look at the chart for the current Full Moon at London, we find that it aligns very significantly with the horizon axis and squares Neptune. Neptune itself makes hard aspects to a Mars-Uranus opposition. This combination can be interpreted as changes or separations (Mars-Uranus) in which one party feels weak or victimized (Neptune). Compare this with the  Full Moon chart at Jerusalem [1] where a sudden change (Uranus) has left one party (the Palestinians) feeling victimized (Neptune).

As always, stars on the angles contribute to our understanding of the mundane event. Here on the IC is  Praesepe, M44, the beehive star cluster.

Praesepe is of new beginnings, migration, shedding old skins, skeletons, and cocoons. It is of emerging out of the frenetic confusion of mass consciousness; finding our new path and direction; leaving behind old dwellings and the structures of consciousness they represent; and getting out of our personal or collective dogma and the darkness it creates. Alignments with Praesepe may indicate a new dwelling place is at hand or that one is in order to find. As with the migration of bees from an old hive, before identifying their new direction, there can be frenetic confusion at first, a scattered sense and lack of direction before moving toward their new home. This is temporary and is part of intuiting the feeling for the right direction, much like turning in a complete circle to identify the way that feels right. Praesepe asks us to trust in our magnetic sense, on our inner compass, and to hone in on our new direction while honoring the inherent confusion of the emergence process. Praesepe asks us to step out of our limiting environments and structures of consciousness and to find new places fitting to our emerging new awareness.

 The paragraph above from Nick Fiorenza  describes the essence of  Brexit – Britain leaving the EU.

Finally, we look at the chart for the EU. Notice that only has do we have a Mercury return with transit Mercury station retrograde on the IC, it is also conjunct Saturn – a combination that is linked to estrangements and separations.