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Britain's New Aircraft Carrier Springs a Leak

The Royal Navy's newest and biggest aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth which cost more than £3 billion pounds (over $4 billion) to build, has reportedly been taking on up to 200 liters of seawater every hour due to a problem with one of its propeller shafts, British media reported. The leak developed by the Navy’s future flagship less than a month after it was officially commissioned by the Queen, is so serious that the ship may need to go back into dry dock and cost millions to repair, The Telegraph wrote.

The news about the aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, can be easily understood if we examine the chart for the last Full Moon of December 3, drawn for London. Here the luminaries align with the horizon axis and square Neptune – the planet which rules ‘leaks’.

“Neptune, through its ability to transform, leaking into places it shouldn’t always do, has a weak sense of boundaries and is often found merging with the immediate environment”

But that does not answer why the leak affected an aircraft carrier. The chart always hides details which reveal themselves when we examine the stars on the angles.
On the IC (7le), is Xi (ξ) Puppis, Admidiske,  the northern star above the Stern in the Ship, Argo Navis – the Celestial Ship.

Meanwhile on the MC is 69 Aquilae (9aq) a star in the constellation  of the Eagle associated with the military in general but more specifically with the air force. This  combines with the star gamma Sagittae, (7aq) the Arrow  of the Archer to produce a perfect symbol for a military aircraft (see image).

What do we have? A ship and a military aircraft. Isn’t that the image of an aircraft carrier? So the leak is on an aircraft carrier!