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Fire at Austria gas plant

A big blast has rocked a major natural gas hub in Austria, killing one person and injuring at least 18, police say. A fire followed the blast which happened around 08:45 (07:45 GMT) at the Baumgarten site, just east of the capital Vienna, near the Slovak border. On Twitter, Austrian police said the situation was under control and a technical fault had caused the blast. The flow of Russian gas to Europe has dropped, triggering price hikes. Italy declared a state of emergency.

Mercury retrogrades are known for accidents. That the blast at the natural gas hub Austria  is linked to Mercury retrograde can be seen clearly if we draw the chart for the retrograde station on December 3 at Vienna, Austria. Notice the Mars-Zeus conjunction on the MC is opposite Uranus square Pluto.This is deadly combination for explosions and accidents. In addition, Neptune the planet with rules oil and natural gas makes a hard aspect to Mars on the MC.

Recall that Uranus is conjunct the stars of Cepheus. About this area, Diana Rosenberg writes:

Cepheus was called  “inflammatus” by the Romans: these stars were transited at the 1838 Charleston, SC fire that destroyed more than half the city, the great 1872 Boston, MA fire that destroyed 930 buildings, killed 12 firefighters and featured a war between looters and police, at the stupendous Russian artillery bombardment starting the Battle of Berlin in 1945; the 1947 Texas City disaster: a burning ship loaded with ammonium nitrate exploded with colossal force, devastating the entire port; at the 1985 Bradford, England football stadium fire and several others.

On December 12, the date of the explosion, transit Moon is going over the Mars-Zeus conjunction on the MC triggering the combination causing an explosion in a gas facility.