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Runaway bus kills 5 in Moscow

Five people were killed by a bus that crashed down the stairs of an underground passage in western Moscow, police said. The driver of the bus was taken into custody. The incident happened on Kutuzovsky Avenue, near the Slavyansky Bulvar metro station in the western part of the Russian capital. Five people were killed and about a dozen injured in the crash, police said. Three people were taken to hospital for treatment. Another version is human error, as suggested by people working for the bus line. According to the driver’s supervisor, he might have fallen asleep and pushed the gas pedal accidentally. The supervisor also told RT that the driver had started his shift at 1:30pm on Monday, about two hours before the crash. He also said that the driver had worked normal shifts of 11 hours for the past two days. The director of the bus company is at the scene of the accident, he added. Dec. 25

Just before the Winter Solstice of 2017, on December 19th – 20th, Saturn ended its two and a half year transit of Sagittarius to enter its own Sign of Capricorn for two and a half years. Cardinal Ingresses of planets are among the important events in mundane astrology.

A chart for Saturn’s entry into Capricorn drawn for Moscow is shown here. Notice (a) the Uranus-Pluto square linked to sudden accidents straddling the meridian and (b) the Mercury-Neptune square aligned with the horizon. Mercury (just direct) rules all manner of vehicles while Neptune, the planet of sleep can completely overpower Mercury also the planet of rational thinking, rendering it ineffective.

Saturn is a hard task master that checks the efficacy  or performance of all things, here we see the Moscow bus service is being subject to the harsh glare of Saturn and is found wanting. Saturn in Capricorn can provide a time when we finally address the crumbling infrastructure of our society. Rules, regulations, rebuilding and building anew can all be part of this two and a half year cycle.

Finally, a chart for the reported time of the accident (approx. 3:30 pm) once again has Mercury-Neptune square straddling the angles confirming its role in the incident.


  1. Javed, Venus also entered Capricorn today as well as her conjunction to Saturn in Capricorn a few hours later.

    1. Indeed Linda, along with Saturn both the Sun and Venus entered Capricorn in the last few days. Charts for each of these ingresses are significant at different places depending on what they bring to the angles. It just so happens that the Saturn ingress at Moscow brought the Mercury-Neptune square to the horizon axis creating an event that reflected its nature.


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