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Trump rejects Libyan PM’s request for protection

The Prime Minister of the UN-brokered Government of National Accord (GNA) Fayez Al-Serraj has requested that The US President Donald Trump to provide a more active US role, including a guarantee of personal security for himself and his government, The Guardian reported on Wednesday. The Guardian reported a US source familiar with the talks between Trump and Al-Serraj that the requests of the Libyan PM were rebuffed. “They wanted a military guarantee from the United States that we would basically defend their block in Tripoli,” the source added. He added that there were deep misgivings about corruption in the Libyan unity government “GNA” and the human rights record of the militias protecting it. Dec. 7

In a previous post [1] we have explained the meaning of  the December 3 Full Moon falling on the horizon axis of the US Sibley chart.

In mundane astrology, the First House refers to  “the country and its inhabitants as a whole”  while the Seventh House shows how that nation deals with other nations especially, those it considers its enemies. It is because of this that “treaties and agreements with other nations” comes under the 7th. The article above was published on December 3, when a Full Moon aligns with the  Sibly horizon axis highlighting the 1 -7 houses. Neptune, the planet associated with duplicity and deception, is square the Full Moon and the Sibly horizon so that it is no wonder that the news article discusses the disastrous effect of a long term policy of deception pursued by the US. Moreover, the Full Moon [12ge] illuminates radix Sibly Uranus [9ge] in the 7th. Uranus, in its negative manifestation, is a planet we associate with an inability to be consistent or reliable – in other words a lack of commitment.

Now look at the Full Moon chart at Tripoli, Libya. Here too it aligns with the horizon with the Sibly Ascendant forming the Descendant of this chart. In other words, the US is the one letting the Libyan leader down with their erratic behavior – now on (with Hillary Clinton) now off (with Trump).