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Wildfires Rage in California

Strong winds brought more terror to residents in California's San Diego and Riverside counties as quick-moving wildfires closed in on their communities on Friday, causing thousands more to evacuate.
Burning in San Diego is the churning Lilac fire, which has consumed roughly 4,100 acres in the span of 12 hours. Already 60 percent contained is the much smaller Liberty fire, the second-newest fire to ignite, estimated to have burned a mere 300 acres in Riverside, according to Cal Fire. Dec. 9

We shall see in this post how the December 3, Full Moon (also a SuperMoon) is a major culprit for this fire. A chart for the Full Moon at San Diego is shown here. The Moon is square Neptune [11pi] conjunct the stars of Phoenix, the Firebird so that Diana Rosenberg links this area to “major city-wide fires”.  

The stars were transited at the 64 CE Great Fire of Rome that destroyed ¾ of the city; at the 1838 Charleston SC fire that destroyed more than half the city; at the 1908 Lake View School fire; at the Great Boston Fire of 1872 that gutted the business districts and several others.

At Tianjin, China where the Full Moon aligned with the meridian and had Neptune on descendant a major fire in a skyscraper took place just two days before the Full Moon. However, neither the luminaries nor Neptune make any hard aspects to the angles at San Diego so the question remains why at San Diego. And the answer is fairly simple. The Full Moon chart at San Diego has a Mercury-Saturn conjunction on the Ascendant amid stars of Ara – the burning altar. The theme of “fire” resonates with the Full Moon theme.  About these stars, Diana Rosenberg writes:

Ara’s flames are here, and Sargas was part of Sar-ur, “Director-of-Fire” in the Euphratean starlist: this was Sun at the great New York City financial district fire of 1835; 650 buildings destroyed; the $ 22 million damage bankrupted insurance companies; these stars were transited when Sherman’s troops burned Atlanta in the US Civil War; at the 1871 Great Chicago and Peshtigo, WI fires whipped by high winds; at Chicago’s 1958 Our Lady of Angels Grade School fire; in 1960 the Guatemala City insane asylum fire; at the 1961 Gran Circo Norte-Americano Circus fire in Brazil; at the 1974 Sao Paulo, Brazil Jolema Bank fire; at the 1987 Aries Ingress just before Manchuria’s Great Black Dragon fire  and many others.

[1] Chinese police detain 11 over deadly Tianjin skyscraper fire - Reuters