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Astrology of the bus fire in Kazakhstan

At least 52 people have been burned to death after a passenger bus caught fire in western Kazakhstan, authorities confirmed. Only five people managed to escape the deadly blaze. The deadly incident took place on a highway in the Aktobe region of Kazakhstan, spokesman for the Interior Ministry Emergencies Committee Ruslan Imankulov said in a statement. There were 55 passengers and two drivers on board the vehicle. The five passengers who managed to escape the burning bus are currently being treated by medics. Two bus drivers are among the survivors of the blaze, Imankulov confirmed. Jan.18

The Wynn Key Return is the work of astrologer Sidney Kimball Bennett. In this method of progression,  transits and house cusps are determined by the annual Solar Return and the Wynn Key Cycle, which he invented [2]. Using this method for the solar return chart of Kazakhstan [1] progressed to Jan.17, the date of the current New Moon, we find the New Moon-Uranus-Pluto-TNP Zeus T-square triggered by the angles. The TNP Zeus is linked to fires while Uranus is conjunct stars of Cepheus who was known as inflammatus by the Romans.

These stars were transited at the 1838 Charleston, SC fire that destroyed more than half the city, the great 1872 Boston, MA fire that destroyed 930 buildings, killed 12 firefighters and featured a war between looters and police, at the stupendous Russian artillery bombardment starting the Battle of Berlin in 1945; the 1947 Texas City disaster: a burning ship loaded with ammonium nitrate exploded with colossal force, devastating the entire port; at the 1985 Bradford, England football stadium fire and several others. Diana Rosenberg

But what really gives credence to the analysis is the fact that the New Moon on the IC is also conjunct the asteroid Phaethon which rules cars, buses and modes of transport!