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Full Moon puts an end to an old casteist practice

A pair of slippers. What could be more banal, more harmless? Well, think again. If you're a resident of Janaura village in the district of Lalitpur in Bundelkhand, deep inside the innards of Uttar Pradesh, a pair of slippers is not just a pair of slippers. They acquire insidious meaning and come to embody the problematic politics of the region. Lalitpur, known, rather notorious, for being one of the most regressive districts in Bundelkhand – where governments seldom exert presence, let alone governance – is a fecund place for ancient feudal norms to survive and thrive. One such practice, stemming from caste-based prejudice has been prevalent in the village of Janaura; it dictates that people from the Ahirwar (so-called lower caste) sects must remove their slippers and carry them in their hands, when they walk past upper-caste villages or homes…….And just like that, a ritual carefully put into place by the powerful on the powerless, one that had magnified over the decades, instilling hate, fear, anger and entrenching it all deep inside the hearts of everyone in Janaura, had been disbanded. Jan.3

Ancient traditions and practices die hard. But when there is a Full Moon like the one on Jan.2 (also a SuperMoon), the pressure to change can be very high. At Lalitpur, the Full Moon chart has Pluto in Capricorn on the Ascendant square Uranus in Aries.

Pluto, the planet of transformation is now traveling through Capricorn, the sign of structure. Since it takes Pluto 248 years to orbit the Sun and since there are twelve signs, Pluto spends roughly twenty years in each sign. When Pluto transits through Capricorn, it tends to destroy and resurrect social structures. It breaks down old traditions, smashes the status quo and creates a new tradition.

Uranus (24ar) which stationed to go direct on the very same day (Jan.2) as the Full Moon, is placed among the stars of King Cepheus, his chained daughter Andromeda and Acamar, a star often pictured as a dam in the celestial river Eridanus. Diana Rosenberg writes that the challenge in this area is to overcome ancient hatreds and prejudices and the acceptance of new ideas vs rigid adherence to tradition.

Going further, we see that the Full Moon [11cn] is conjunct the TNP Kronos [10cn] (laws) and the TNP Hades [6cn] (humiliating) so that it is rightly focusing on laws that have demeaned or humiliated a section of people. Hades also refers to the past as well as the lower class so these are ancient tribal laws that affected the lower caste.

Finally, we notice that the Full Moon is conjunct stars Tejat and nu Geminorum in Castor’s left foot and Alzirr , xi Geminorum in Pollux’s right foot! Is it a coincidence that the  ancient tradition that has been overturned is about slippers!!