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India’s Supreme Court Judges Break Rank With The Chief Justice

NEW DELHI -- In an unprecedented event in the history of the Indian judiciary, four judges of the Supreme Court appeared to break rank with the sitting Chief Justice of India, while raising concerns about the "administration" of the apex court and its implication on democracy. Following their meeting with Chief Justice Dipak Misra on Friday morning, the four top judges of the Supreme Court (Jasti Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Kurian Joseph and Madan Lokur) said that circumstances had compelled them to convene a press conference and speak directly to the public.

The news can be best understood if we begin with the solar return chart for the Republic of India (26 Jan. 1950; 10:18 am; Delhi). The most prominent configuration is the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square straddling the horizon axis triggered today as the transit Sun conjoins Pluto and squares the Jupiter-Uranus opposition.

About the dominating Uranus-Pluto square  Bill Herbst writes:

The alignment indicates a breakdown in our largest institutions (Capricorn) that starts from within the institutions themselves as an egregious overplaying of their power in ways that are clearly self-serving rather than for the greater good (Pluto), which is then furthered by an unexpected rebellion (Uranus) against institutional malfeasance, a seemingly spontaneous insurrection that occurs from the ground level up, fomented by individuals (Aries) who stand up in protest against the oppressive influence of such institutions. Actually, these insurrections aren’t spontaneous; they’ve been brewing invisibly under the surface, slowly heating up as discontent with the status quo grows. Such rebellions manifest as potent and disruptive forces in the collective, however, only after critical mass is reached at the boiling point, so that they appear to arise full-blown and without precedent, as if out of nowhere.

To this if we add the influence of Jupiter – the planet which law courts and judges – we can see why the judges are up against the Chief justice!


The chart for India (Aug.15, 1947; 0:00 hrs IST, Delhi) can provide more details. The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse of Jan. 31, 2018 (already active) is about to take place on India’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction on the IC.

A Saturn-Pluto synodic cycle, in general, will be about societal structures of consciousness and how we learn about responsible use of power. It will be about our administrative systems governing the use of power. These cycles can also initiate a dismantling or destructive process of long-standing established administrative constructs and systems of belief so that we can evolve our societal structures. In the process, this can articulate as power struggles, wars and the like; but Saturn and Pluto will ultimately demand we take responsibility for the discord and destruction we have created.

Saturn is the ruler of the 9th house in India’s chart. This is the house linked to judges and courts of law.