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Nunes and the FISA Memo

The Virgin and the Crow

The Nunes memo is a four-page document written by Republican staff members for Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, that alleges abuses in surveillance practices by the intelligence community to target Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. The Justice Department (DOJ) released a letter to Congress calling a release of the memo reckless without letting the FBI review it because it could expose intelligence sources and methods, while President Donald Trump called for its public release. FBI Director Christopher A. Wray was allowed to review the memo and did so on January 28. On January 29, the majority of the House Intelligence Committee voted to approve its release.

The four-page Nunes document alleges FBI and Justice Department officials abused their power under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. According to multiple news accounts, it alleges the FBI's 2016 application for a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to wiretap former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page was based on information in the infamous Trump dossier.

Let us look at Nunes’ horoscope to understand why he has suddenly become a hero. Nunes was born Oct.1, 1973 at Tulare,CA (time unknown) so we shall use his noon time horoscope.

What is Planetary Containment?
Planets in Containment is a methodology of chart interpretation which utilizes a series of three-planet combinations (read in  Counter-Clock Wise manner) say A-B-C. The planet in the centre  (B) is  said to be contained by A and C.

For example in Nunes’ chart we have Pluto-Sun-Uranus. In their book Planets in Containment, Sandbach and Ballard interpret this combination as:

Pluto-Sun-Uranus: These individuals are potentially masters at creating and maintaining a state of continuous upheaval. If they can apply this ability to situations where it is needed – worn-out traditions, groups inhibited by narrow mindedness – they will be actualizing their purpose. They are learning the art of surprise attack.

That certainly describes Nunes but why has it happened now?  Notice the Sun-Pluto conjunction square Saturn which forms a T-square with the nodal axis.  In addition Saturn is currently transiting over the N.Node triggering the Sun-Pluto-Saturn square.

When Saturn acts on Pluto, it can help an individual to bring sustained attention to the shadow. The Pluto archetype may also help  them to work long and hard at projects with an aim to discover the hidden truth and bring about regeneration and renewal.

In this case, the presence of the Nodes in the mix simply refers to the fact that the difficult project of uncovering the truth affects large masses of people – here the entire country.

The Sun and Pluto are amid the stars of the Virgin and the Crow. The Crow is associated withy lies, trickery and deceit while the Virgin which longs for “truth” and “purity”.  This is the conflict that Nunes is going through and he has certainly done extremely well.