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"Secret Society" Worked To Undermine Trump

Congressional investigators learned from a new batch of text messages between anti-Trump FBI investigators that a "secret society of folks" within the Department of Justice and the FBI may have come together in the "immediate aftermath" of the 2016 election to undermine President Trump, according to Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) who has reviewed the text. The new texts were included in a 384-page DOJ document release to Congressional investigators last Friday - during which Congress was notified in the cover letter that that five months of text messages from December 14, 2016 to May 17, 2017 have gone missing (If only the NSA had copies).  Jan. 23

The current solar return for the US Sibly progressed to Jan.23, the date of the news, is shown here. Notice that it brings the Sun-Kronos-Hades-Jupiter-Zeus-Pluto T-square to the angles. In the next few days, the various elements of the square will move over the angles continuing a process that began on Friday, Jan.17, when the progressed MC conjoined Hades, the leading edge of the T . So in our present context what does this T-square mean?

Hades-Kronos: government or authorities indulge in “dirty business”. Hades is also “secret” and with Kronos points towards the “Deep State” or the unseen government.

What does the Pluto in the mix do here? Nick Fiorenza explains that the passage of Pluto through sidereal Sagittarius is all about revealing the truth of things.

Pluto in Sidereal Sagittarius: Sagittarius, stargate to Galactic Center, is commonly referred to as the Sagittarian Centaur, Zen Archer, or the First Horseman whose arrow points toward Galactic Center. This Unified Galactic Consciousness is also what creates the incredible passion, zeal and pursuit for Truth that is often found driving the Sagittarian and guiding their arrow—they truly run on galactic currents and divine directive. In shooting his arrow of Truth, the Zen Archer destroys that which must die, the false truths and false gods of fear that lie hidden within self. Pluto opens the way for this greater truth to emerge by dismantling the false beliefs and structures of consciousness that obscure it.

Update added 24.01.18

To the foregoing analysis, I wish to add some insights we can glean from the current New Moon [27cp]  of Jan. 16 which fell precisely on the Sibly Pluto [27cp]. Pluto is the ruler of the Sibly 12th house which among other things has dominion over “secret enemies of the nation”

The first decan of sidereal Capricorn, in which the New Moon occurred, Nick Fiorenza associates with “secret orders”:

The first decan of sidereal Capricorn can involve a diversely intended group of individuals and levels of consciousness, those either covert, manipulative and driven from self-interest alone (such as the character of the old business and military paradigms), and those spiritually aware, of integrity, and who are attuned to the land and environment, including shamans and keepers of sacred knowledge and sacred ways. Either way, surface appearances, cloaks and facades often shroud who is who in an aura of mystery.

This several degree area of the zodiak is of personal motive and secrecy, of esoteric knowledge, religion, higher education, and science, as well as the secret places and orders …..

It should be therefore no surprise to readers that the news talks about a “secret society” with the FBI etc.

In his video Maga Update: 1.23.18 - Lost FBI messages, FBI Secret Society, Dustin Nemos explains more about secret societies at the 2:17 mark.