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Astrology of the Stock Market Crash

After being on cruise control for months, the stock market hit a giant speed bump on Monday, when the Dow Jones industrial average plunged — tumbling more than 1,500 points at one point after sinking 665 points on Friday. By the close, the Dow had lost around 2,200 points since Jan. 26, closing in on a 10% decline — which would mark the start of an official “correction. Feb. 5

To understand the astrology behind the stock market crash we begin with the horoscope for the NYSE [1] as provided by Astro-Databank. The Rodden Rating for the time is DD implying conflicting time data. However, we shall see in this post that the time given by Astro-Databank as 10-10 am bears out the news of the current crash very well. Just look at the Ascendant [11le]. Does it ring a bell? That is precisely where the lunar eclipse of Jan. 31 took place. Moreover for stars in this area Diana Rosenberg writes, “the collapse of extreme speculations”.

There was a Solar Eclipse here in 1636, three months before the collapse of the “Tulip Mania” that held Holland in thrall from 1634, with wild, outrageously high prices for bulbs, and a Solar Eclipse in 1720 one month before the collapse of the “South Sea Bubble” speculation mania that caused financial collapse and utter ruin to thousands; some committed suicide (Mars in Scorpio squared these stars at the 1929 Stock Market Crash).

By itself an eclipse cannot cause anything that the radix chart does not potentially contain. Look at the chart carefully. What immediately catches our eye is the opposition aligned with the meridian. Venus is very appropriately  in the money sign Taurus. Jupiter, the ruler of 5th house of speculation, is conjunct Neptune which introduces a danger of being trapped in overextension and  bubble schemes. These schemes can give easy money when the going is good but when Saturn, which is opposite Jupiter-Neptune, is activated a reality check follows.

So what activated the Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune axis? Well for one thing we know that Uranus has been transiting over Saturn. The latest trigger came from the current New Moon [26cp] of Jan.16 that not only squared the NYSE Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune axis but also fell in the mundane 5th house (stock markets) square transit Uranus in the 8th house of losses. Yesterday, the fast moving Moon [23-27li] transited over the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of the NYSE chart becoming the sort of "second hand" of the cosmic clock triggering the event.


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