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History in the stars: Bombing of Dresden

This year it is the 73rd anniversary of the end of the WWII – the bloodiest and most horrible war ever fought in the human history. The Nüremberg and Tokyo Trials were organized as “The Last Battles” for justice as the first ever global trials for the war criminals and mass murderers including and the top-hierarchy statesmen and politicians. However, 73 years after WWII the crucial moral question still needs a satisfactory answer:Have all the WWII war criminals faced justice at the Nüremberg and Tokyo Trials? Or at least those who did not escape from public life after the war.
Here we will present only one of those cases from WWII which has to be characterized as the genocide followed by the personalities directly responsible for it: The 1945 Dresden Massacre. The 1945 Dresden Raid was surely one of the most destructive air-raids during WWII as well as in the history of massive military destructions and the war crimes against humanity too.The main and most destructive air-raid was during the night of February 13th−14th, by the British Bomber Command.

 Most often an eclipse, prior to an important event, contains a clue to the nature of the event. Shown here is the chart for the lunar eclipse of August 4, 1944 drawn for Dresden. Here we notice that the eclipse axis along with the TNPs Zeus-Kronos-Pluto straddles the horizon implying that it is significant for the place. Martha Wescott provides the following delineations:

Pluto-Zeus: Events associated with fires or  weapons.
Kronos-Zeus: military aircraft.

For the stars that conjoin, Sun and Pluto, Diana Rosenberg writes:

Ptolemy associated Praesepe, the Ascelli and Ursa Major with Mars, and this Chinese Hsiu was T’ien-Soung, “Celestial Punisher” governing battlefields and extermination, this was Pluto at a 1945 Solar Eclipse one week before “Trinity”, the first atom bomb test, one month before the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Pluto’s position here in the last months of WWII affirm the idea that the Beehive represents cities, for major cities were being utterly demolished by devastating bombing raids.

Finally, if we now progress the eclipse chart to Feb. 13th, the progressed horizon axis once again triggers the TNPs Zeus-Kronos-Pluto combination setting off the event!