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Solar Eclipse and the Russian plane crash

A total of 65 passengers and six crew members were on board of An-148 plane of Saratov Airlines which had disappeared from the radars in the Moscow Region, the Russian Emergency Ministry said, adding that the crashed plane was subsequently detected from the air in the Ramensky District of the Moscow Region.  Feb. 11

The news of the crash comes just before the solar eclipse of Feb. 27. At Moscow, the solar eclipse and the nodal axis align with the meridian. When an eclipse falls on the horizon or meridian line, it marks that place as particularly sensitive to major disasters.

Moreover on the Ascendant [3sc] are stars that Diana Rosenberg links to air crashes:

Two Arabic lunar mansions that meet here (Al Simak, Al Ghafr) were said to “hinder travel:” this was the Ascendant of a Boeing 727-Cessna 172 collision and crash at San Diego in 1978; Jupiter when a lightning struck Boeing 747 crashed just after take-off in 1982 and crashed in Kenner, LA: all 145 on the plane and 4 on the ground were killed and  2 weeks later at the Twilight Zone filming disaster: a helicopter disabled by staged explosion, fell and killed actor Vic Morrow; Pluto in 1985 when a terrorist bomb brought down Air India Boeing 747 into the Atlantic off Ireland killing 329 and a Japan Airlines Boeing 747 crashed into Mt. Osutaka killing 520 – the worst ever single plane accident, Venus in 1994 at the crash of US Air Boeing 737 at Aliquippa, PA.[1]

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, p.154)