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'World's largest brain tumour' removed

For the past several years, Santlal Pal had been watching a tumour emerge from his skull. Doctors in India say Pal's brain tumour grew so big that it weighed nearly four pounds (1.8 kg) and measured nearly 8-by-12-by-12 inches (20 by 30 by 30 cm), according to local news reports. It may have been the largest brain tumour in the world. But now it is gone: Doctors successfully removed the mass during an intensive, six-hour operation on Valentine's Day.

Eclipses  are extremely significant in places where they align with the angles bringing up events that resonate with the planets and stars on the angles. The lunar eclipse of Jan. 31 was placed on the horizon axis at Bombay, India where Santlal Pal’s operation was carried out. Jupiter  on the IC is conjunct the asteroid Psyche [1]  which rules issues connected with the head or brain. Both Jupiter and Psyche are square the asteroid Hygiea [18aq] associated with illness or health related issues. Remember a key word for Jupiter is ‘big’ so that we are looking at a very large tumor in the head. Confirming this are stars (a) Blazar OJ287 Cancri in Crab’s head [11le] (b) rho Hydrae [13le] in the Water Snake’s head (c) Al Terf, lambda Leonis [18le] in Lion’s head. All these stars align with the eclipse Moon and the Ascendant and re-emphasize the area of the head.


  1. Interesting stuff. Thank you.
    Have you made any predications from applying mundane astrology?


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