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Aries Ingress and the mastery of nuclear fusion

Hercules taming the Horses of Diomedes

Lockheed Martin has secretly been developing a game-changing compact nuclear fusion reactor that could potentially fit into a fighter jet. The Maryland-based defense contractor recently obtained a patent associated with its design for a fully compact fusion reactor, after filing for the patent in 2014.  March 31

Nuclear energy is another name for atomic energy. It’s the energy released from the inner core or nucleus of the atom and during the 1950s it was harnessed to generate electricity. Nuclear fission (Pluto) and nuclear fusion are examples of nuclear reactions. A nuclear reactor is a device for producing nuclear energy in a controlled manner. In nuclear physics, nuclear fusion is a reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei come close enough to form one or more different atomic nuclei and subatomic particles (neutrons or protons). In contrast to nuclear fission which produces harmful materials, nuclear fusion is comparatively free of any adverse effects. In summary: fusion is zero-carbon, and it could be a zero radioactivity, energy source. It makes a lot of cheap energy. So it could stop climate change because it runs carbon generating power plants out of business. All this would be a giant leap forward in  nuclear technology.

Cardinal Ingresses of the Sun are among the most important mundane events which can be used to track world events. Shown here is current Aries Ingress chart at Maryland progressed to March 31, the date of the news. Notice that the Sun at Zero Aries has reached the MC. This is an important point in mundane astrology as it marks major shifts in global events.

In  Greek mythology, for his Aries labor, Hercules must capture and tame four savage horses. The unruly steeds tear across Thrace like earthquakes and thunder, splintering cities, devouring rivers, and razing mountains. Among terrified Thracians it was rumored that the mares even ate human flesh. Symbolically, the myth is referring to raw power that must be tamed. A nuclear fusion reactor does just that. Nuclear fission power that through its radioactive products in a sense “ate human flesh” is now being tamed.

Let us now turn our attention to the Grand Cross brought to the angles. Here are  keywords for the elements:

Zeus: concentrated power; power producing machines or power plants; military.
Pluto: nuclear power.
Kronos: aircrafts.

With these keywords it is fairly easy to reconstruct the news.