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China Shuts Door on US Trash Imports

The new trade war announced by US President Donald Trump is seeing some immediate and effective blowback in the form of a refusal by Beijing to lift its ban on the import of foreign garbage.China has long been the world's largest importer of waste and recyclable commodities. Now that Trump has threatened harsh new tarrifs in an escalating trade war, Beijing has announced that it will not overturn a new ban on accepting shipments of garbage from the US and other countries, leaving industrialized nations scrambling for options on how to dispose of an ever-mounting landscape of trash. As China in 2016 was responsible for accepting some 80 percent of US recyclable waste, the move has business and legislators pleading with Beijing to roll back new restrictions on waste imports. A Washington representative told a World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting on Friday that China's ban on scrap imports was "disruptive' and hinted that Beijing would be to blame for rapidly escalating landfill in the US and the rest of the world.  March 24

As Mercury begins it retrograde and the Sun forms a square to Mars and Saturn we are seeing a lot of aggressive behavior acted out without forethought resulting in unforseen consequences. Maybe some of these people are having second thoughts about the trade war. Let us examine a chart for the Mercury station drawn for Geneva, where WTO has its headquarters. Notice that Mercury is on the IC forms a t-square with Mars-Saturn-Kronos-Hades.

Mars is obviously the planet that gets us hot and aggressive when frustrated by Saturn. Add Mercury to the mix and to quote Ebertin we have “estrangement or thoughts of separation”. Basically an unwillingness to co-operate. How strange the Sabian symbol for Mercury station [16ar54] is saying just that!

16-17 deg Aries: Two Dignified Spinsters Sitting In Silence [1]
The spinster represents a woman who is unable to accept the power of love and refuses relationship for biological  fulfillment. The symbol refers to a withdrawal from co-operation.

But withdrawal  over what?   Over Hades, the TNP that rules rubbish and garbage!  (Reference below). Hades is conjunct stars of sidereal Gemini which are linked to trade and commerce.  In other words the collapse of co-operation is hitting trade in garbage!!

disgust toward evil or sinister influences
awareness of need for purification
distant past; antiquity
underground manifestations
organic fertilizer
decomposition of effete matter
mental analysis
ruins; slums; garbage; filth; stagnant water; putrefaction
stagnant water
sewers; drains; grubs; moles
lower intestines
impoverishment; degradation
neglect; sorrow; defects; danger
scavengers; predatory behavior