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Putin: Are You Listening, America?

On Thursday (March 1), Vladimir Putin, Russia’s much-maligned president, delivered his state of the nation address to the Russian Federal Assembly (the Russian national Legislature, consisting of the State Duma, or lower house, and the Russian Council, or upper house). While the first half of his speech dealt with Russian domestic issues—and any American who has bought into Western media perceptions that Russia is a collapsing state, possessing a failed economy, would do well to read this portion of the speech—it was the second half of the presentation that caused the world to sit up and listen.

In this portion of the speech, Putin outlined developments in Russian strategic military capability. The developments collectively signal the obsolescence of America’s strategic nuclear deterrence, both in terms of its present capabilities and—taking into account the $1.2 trillion nuclear weapons modernization program President Trump unveiled earlier this year—anything America might pursue in the decades to come.

To understand the news from an astrological viewpoint all we need to do is look at the synastry between Putin’s progressed Sun and the US Sibly. Putin was born October 7, 1952. Therefore, Putin’s progressed Sun[20sg] is now reaching the opposition to the US Sibly Mars [21ge]. In the US chart radix Mars [21ge] is square radix Neptune [22vi]. Mars is conjunct the stars of Orion, the cosmic Warrior while Neptune is conjunct Alkaid or Benetnash. In ancient China, Benetnash, Eta Ursae Majoris ( the end of the Bear's tail) was Kuan-Ti, God of War & of Averting War. [1]

When Mars-Neptune is triggered, aggression is thwarted and cannot be directed outwards resulting in rage and a sense of impotence. On March 1, when Putin delivered his speech, transiting Mars [20sg] was conjunct Putin’s progressed Sun [20sg] triggering the US Sibly Mars-Neptune! In his speech, Putin outlined developments in Russian strategic military capability that signal the obsolescence of America’s strategic nuclear deterrence. However, he also pointed out that the new weapons would help create a balance and avert a war after the US unilaterally withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, the cornerstone of the international security system.


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    1. Hi Linda. Great to know folks look forward to the blog. Encourages me to write more often. But seriously just taking a break!

    2. I LOOK FORWARD :))
      Do rest Javed.. my natal chart has been a boxing match for 56 yrs and i need rest too (finally have some) but am FED UP!! snifsnif


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