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Reparations for Colonialism and Genocide

The theme of reparations at the 2018 World Social Forum in Salvador de Bahia was treated in the workshop Repairs to Colonialism (page 113), in the World Assembly of Resistance Peoples, Movements and Territories and in the Agora of futures. In these activities participated some hundred people, many of whom representatives of other organizations. It was made a point of the situation on the reparations in recent years trying to identify actions most promising for the future.

The World Social Forum (WSF) took place in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil from March 13 to 17, 2018 just as Mars entered Capricorn. A chart for this mundane event drawn for Salvador is presented here. Notice that Uranus-Pluto are  is still in a paran square (Pluto on the descendant with Uranus on the MC) at Salvador, although separating in the longitudinal square. To remind ourselves what this square means, I give below an extract from Bill Herbst’s brilliant essay  Uranus-Pluto: Violence and Social Justice:

My way of stating the meaning of the Uranus-Pluto cycle in this commentary is to define their symbolism as a forced shift in overall balance rather than a wholesale all-or-nothing swap. In a world of cut-throat competition where egotism, self-interest, lust for power and control by the few over the many, and the violence that routinely results from such attitudes and beliefs is considered normal and even acceptable, such idealism as a gentle reminder bears restatement time and again. So, let me offer the meaning of the cycle once more: We’re looking to find or create ways to make our collective life (and our individual lives as well) less violent and more loving. That can mean something as basic and fundamental as The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Perhaps at some point in the future of human evolution that sentiment will become second-nature to us as an added component of our DNA. At this point, however, it remains an ideal for which we may strive but, especially in the collective, must struggle to express, since most of what we have created lobbies strongly for the opposite. Tribalism still rules, with its in-group/out-group divisions: the Capulets versus the Montagues and the Hatfields versus the McCoys. In addition, those who are not obviously like ourselves, with different physical appearances, different religions, and different cultural rituals, are often seen not merely as strangers, but as potential enemies.

To the foregoing let us add a picture that emerges from the constellations that form the backdrop to the planets.  Let us remember that Pluto is in sidereal Sagittarius, the Archer about which Manilius wrote:

"As for the Archer, when the foremost portion of his cloak rises, he will give birth to hearts renowned in war and will conduct the conqueror, celebrating great triumphs in the sight of all, to his country's citadels.”    [Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 4, p.267]

The Archer is a symbolic image of a  conqueror so that Diana Rosenberg rightly links this area to “arrogant cruelty, extreme racism, exploitation and mistreatment of helpless people, looting, mass destruction”. For this area, Diana Rosenberg writes:

This was Mars in 586 BCE when Nebuchadrezzar destroyed Jerusalem and its first temple, enslaved the populace and carried them off to Babylon.

On the other hand, Uranus (the planet of freedom from the established order) in tropical Aries is conjunct stars in the constellation of Andromeda, the chained woman – a perfect image of a conquered people or slaves.  For this area, Diana Rosenberg writes:

This was Mars on the first day of 1863 when the slave-freeing Emancipation Proclamation took effect, Uranus at the 1st Women’s Rights Convention at Seneca Falls, NY, 1848.