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UK chart and the Skripal poisoning


Britain’s abandonment of due process has taken a dangerous and reckless leap, with Theresa May declaring economic sanctions and diplomatic expulsions for Russia’s “failure” to respond to allegations over the Skripal poisoning. Provocatively, Moscow was given a 24-hour deadline to “answer” charges leveled by the British government that it was responsible for the attempted murder of a Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal, who had been living in England since 2010 after a spy-swap deal.Skripal (66) and his 33-year-old daughter Yulia were apparently stricken with a deadly nerve agent in his adopted hometown of Salisbury on March 4 while strolling through a public park. The pair have been receiving treatment in intensive care ever since.

In this post we will attempt to show how UK’s national chart [1 Jan. 1801; 0:00 LMT; London] which is more than 200 years old can still reflect significant events such as this one in the news. The current  progressed solar arc MC [12aq] is square radix Mars [11ta45] in  a slightly wide opposition to radix Neptune [18sc44]. On March 9, Jupiter which is currently in Scorpio stationed retrograde at 23sc. This is within 2 degrees of precession corrected radix Neptune [21sc46]. This is the position of the star Unukalhai. Alpha (α) Serpens, Unukalhai, is a pale yellow star in the neck of the Serpent  linked to poisons and toxic substances.

Queen Cassiopeia

Mars [11ta45] is conjunct the star Tish, Gamma (γ) Cassiopeia. About this star Nick Fiorenza writes:

Tish is the whip of the Queen Cassiopeia. The intolerant queen, crusted with frustration due to finding herself unable to have that which she knows she is entitled, in-between the tormenting forces of both the manipulative gods (astronomical cycles of life) and the monstrous human world, and at loss with how to deal with either, becomes spitefully arrogant. Fortunately, when feeling trapped and we lash out against the world around us, the whip of arrogance (Tish, Gamma Cassiopeia) often snaps back to scar our own hand, especially when applied with vengeance. Lowering ourselves to this level or resourcefulness, using a tool found only in the dramatics of the monstrous world, will lead us only to our own demise. Here we have a statement of something we must surrender to receive that which we are due--righteous arrogance, the attitude that keeps us from the very thing want.

Next we recall that the Jan. 31 lunar eclipse [11le] fell conjunct the progressed Sun [13le] activating the separating square to radix Mars [12ta] and conjunct the radix asteroid Atlantis [13le]. Martha Wescott links Atlantis to spies because of its connection to “invasions of privacy; access to inside or confidential information”[1] So we are beginning to see how the elements of the drama are coming together. We have the spy, the poison and the drama Queen Theresa May overreacting!

But wait it for it. That is not all. Let us progress the lunar eclipse chart to March 14 when Theresa May made the announcement in Parliament. Notice how the eclipse axis aligns with the progressed horizon triggering the eclipse!  And wonder of wonders the eclipse Moon [11le], the radix Atlantis [13le]  and the progressed Sun [13le] are  all in the Indian lunar mansion Ashlesha connected to poisons!!