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False-flag for war: New Syrian chemical weapons attack

The western propaganda machine is endlessly impressive. People are so pervasively brainwashed by mass media psyops that they now find it easier to believe that Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin are deliberately killing civilians with poisonous gas for no reason whatsoever than to believe that the same empire which deceived us into Iraq is deceiving us into Iraq's next-door neighbor Syria. There are early reports of another mass casualty chemical weapons attack in Syria, as usual in a region crawling with known terrorist forces, and as usual just as those terrorists are suffering critical defeats. As usual, the attack is placed in a location replete with children and cameras. As usual, all the expected high-profile pro-regime change propagandists are all over it, from the White Helmets to Charles Lister to Eliot Higgins to Julian Röpcke.  Apr. 8

In the last post we saw how the accident in Germany could be related to the Mercury-Saturn square. Here we see another manifestation of Mercury-Saturn – the propensity for lying or spreading falsehoods. Shown here is the chart for the exact square at Duma, Syria where the chemical attack is alleged to have occurred.  Notice that once again the T-square  involving Mercury-Mars-Saturn-Hades-Kronos straddles the horizon axis.

Mercury (trickster) is the god of quick thinking, magic, illusion, communication, and also the divine manipulator. Mercury is considered the protector of thieves and businessmen; the light-footed Hermes is skilled in storytelling and games. On the negative side, he can be crafty, calculating and false.

In her book Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil, Liz Greene writes:

The curious expression of the chronic and uncontrollable liar is also one of the less attractive facets of Mercury-Saturn. But Saturn remains true to form here in that there must be present a reasonable degree of intelligence, sensitivity, and complexity in order for such distortion or OVERCOMPENSATION to exist.


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