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Macron's Dangerous Trump Bromance

All the handshakes, hugs and smooching between Trump and Macron this week made for cringing viewing. Not because two males were being cordial and affectionate. No, the embarrassment stems from the French leader being such a pathetic poodle to the White House bully. The "dandruff moment" was perhaps the most revealing. At one point in the Oval Office, the American president interrupted himself mid-sentence to lean over to his French counterpart and he began grooming his collar, saying he was removing "dandruff". Macron seemed unfazed and continued smiling.

Progressed inter-chart aspects provide clues to how two people interact. Astro-Databank provides well timed horoscopes for Trump [1] and Macron [2].  Currently Trump’s progressed Sun [1vi] is in hard aspect to Macron’s radix Pluto [16li] and the asteroid Minerva [16ar]. In other words Trump activates Macron’s radix Minerva-Pluto opposition. Martha Wescott provides the following delineation:

MINERVA: Approval-seeking; strategies of relating; perceptual skill; whether one is willing and/or able to do those things that will please another.  
PLUTO:  Urge for dominance; control needs; psychological power;  emotional taffy in relationships; compulsions; pushed to Authenticity; a person's "bottom line" (and primitive defenses;) the phoenix potential; interest in sex, death, taxes, legacies, loans & investment income; encountering what is beyond control; Higher Will; elimination of the unnecessary; major change.

Imagine having to "do or be powerful" (or powerless!) in order to get  approval.  Oh, ya' see this all the time with politicians; they have to  talk about the budget, big government, lending and interest rates, and  they have to exude "power."  But let's bring this down to "normal  folks;" what does it mean for me and you--and the other members of the  "huddled masses"?  Some of 'em will be caught up in an "integrity  dilemma"-- should they do what will make another happy, or should they  stay true to themselves?   It's very possible that you'll see  some instances that hinge on whether a person will ameliorate another  who has come on too strong or who is "toying" with them on some level.   You'll want to be aware too that, if a person is a Natural Born  People-Pleaser, they can be manipulated BY that exact instinct--in other  words, if approval and thinkin' they can MAKE someone else happy is too  important to them--and someone else knows it....well, I'm sure you can  get how this'd go...

The delineation is so perfect that it requires no comment!