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On the Threshhold of War?

As Americans we must face the possibility that we have a criminally insane government in Washington that is leading the world to destruction. When the rule of law was destroyed in Salisbury, London, and the Hague, and the rule of fraud declared in Washington, that leaves only the rule of force in the world. The Stavka (the high command of the Russian armed forces), met in Moscow on April 6 and is ready. The Foreign Ministry warned on Sunday of the "gravest consequences". This means one American shot at a Russian soldier, then we are at war. Not infowar, not cyberwar, not economic war, not proxy war - world war.

Mars-Saturn is a combination that astrologers have long associated with war. The conjunction of the two malefics on April 2 took place, square Sun-Mercury,  on the descendant at Washington, DC. In a mundane chart this position is linked to enemies and therefore the conjunction increases the chances of war.

But there are two factors in this chart that offer hope that a war will not take place. First that Saturn is about to station retrograde on April 18 precisely on the descendant. And secondly, the Sabian symbol for the Sun [12ar50] is:

12-13 deg Aries: An Unexploded Bomb Reveals An Unsuccessful Social Protest.

This Sabian degree is essentially saying that an immature attempt to start a war does not succeed.