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One Of Germany's Richest Men Disappears In The Alps

Karl-Erivan Haub, the CEO of the German retail group Tengelmann and one of the richest men in Germany, has disappeared during a routine skiing excursion in the Alps along the Italian-Swiss border, and though an extensive search operation is underway, his family members are fearing the worst.

Haub was born March 5, 1960 at Tacoma, Washington. Neptune [15pi] is currently transiting over his radix Sun [15pi].

Whenever there are mysterious circumstances surrounding someone’s life or death it’s likely that Neptune would be involved.

A chart for the recent Sun-Pluto square at Zermatt is significantly placed  straddling the horizon. Pluto symbolizes the archetypal Underworld--the dark, mysterious, and often terrifying reality which lurks beneath the surface of things. In Greek mythology Hades or Pluto grabs the maiden Persephone and disappears with her into the underworld. The Sun is also in a slightly wide conjunction to Uranus so that it brings the waning Uranus-Pluto square to life.  Uranus-Pluto is connected to “accidents” that can come about because of the sudden purgatorial discharge of pent-up energies--from the Earth as in an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, a landslide or an avalanche.