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UK national chart & the Syria bombing

British Prime Minister Theresa May has defended the military strike on Syria and indicated the U.K. and its allies were prepared to hit the country again if it continues to use chemical weapons. “Nobody should be in any doubt of our resolve on this issue, which is to ensure that we see a return to that international norm on the prohibition of the use of chemical weapons,” Ms. May told reporters on Saturday. April 14; The Globe & Mail

In this post I would like to show how the solar return for  an accurately timed national chart like that of the UK (1 Jan. 1801; 0:00 am LMT; London)  can be used to spot significant events. Shown here is the current solar return for the UK chart.  Notice the Uranus-Pluto-Zeus T-square placed significantly on the angles.  Martha Wescott links the TNP Zeus to bombs and missiles. When we combine the elements we have the sudden (Uranus) unleashing or release of vindictive anger (Pluto) through the dropping of bombs (Zeus).

Modern astrologers appear to have given up the use of some standard techniques used  routinely by eminent astrologers in the early 20th century. One of these was the progression of the solar return chart by either the solar quotidian method or the PSSR method. If we progress the above solar return by the PSSR method we find that on April 14, the date of the UK bombing of Syria, the progressed angles once again trigger the explosive T-square.


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