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Macron’s Outreach to Putin Tests U.S. Relations

French President Emmanuel Macron drew a spotlight to growing discord between U.S. and European foreign policy as he joined President Vladimir Putin in defense of the Iran nuclear deal at the recently concluded Russian Economic Forum.

In this post we examine Macron’s horoscope to explain the tectonic shift that is taking place in the French-US relationship.  For our purpose we will look the T-square between Moon-Uranus and apex Mars in Macron’s chart. This should have been an explosive combination in which an individual would display aggressive behavior especially when his personal space is invaded. But Mars is retrograde so that the energy and heroism of Mars is suppressed. As Mars rules the raw and masculine energy, Mars retrograde in natal may indicate problems with self-confidence. Especially in the natal chart of a male person, this natal condition may feel detrimental concerning his sexual drive, while also the will to fight, compete and succeed. A Mars retrograde male will  be rather shy, avoiding doing the first step in order not to experience failure.  People with retrograde Mars have to dig deeply to find their anger and sense of outrage because they are frequently being taken for granted and  find themselves at a loss as to how to go about the task.

So why is this T-square relevant now? Firstly, because Macron’s  progressed Sun [11aq] is reaching an opposition to his  radix apex Mars [11le].  As the progressed Sun aspects a  planet we have the potential to live out the planet’s energies fully. It indicates a period of becoming more than we were before. And this process of becoming happens whether or not we are conscious of it. Secondly, let us recall that the Jan. 31, 2018 total lunar eclipse fell exactly on Macron’s Mars. (Note that  Trump’s radix Pluto [10le] and the Sibly progressed Ascendant [12le] both conjoin Macron’s Mars thus identifying where the pressure on Macron is coming from.)

Nick  Fiorenza explains the central theme of the stars that conjoin the last lunar eclipse of Jan.31 and Macron’s radix Mars.

This Full Moon produces a North Node Total Lunar Eclipse in the midst of Cancer—the Egyptian Scarabaeus. The Scarab is a symbol of regeneration, transformation and re-birth, of being self-created, or self-made, to rise from itself—hence humanity's association with the beetle's emergence.
M44-  Praesepe (the bee hive cluster) embodies the essence of the Scarab / Cancer theme: emergence out of darkness, dogma, and delusion, out of the antiquated entrapments we had been living in, and our transmutation from darkness into light. Alignments with Praesepe can bring up the fear of letting go--a fear bound in our belief patterns and those of collective consciousness. Praesepe asks us to step out of our limiting environments and structures of consciousness and to find new places fitting to our emerging new awareness.