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Marie-Antoinette's hamlet opens to public

Medusa, by Caravaggio (1595)

Marie-Antoinette's hamlet farm, in the grounds of the château de Versailles, is to be opened to the public for the first time ever today (Friday May 4), since its construction over two centuries ago. The "hamlet", which was constructed in 1783 a little under two kilometres away from the main château, was modelled on Marie-Antoinette's vision of a countryside farm. Having tired of the pace of life at the château, the queen decided to create a peaceful haven in which she could welcome her own guests, and teach her children about nature and animals.

Astrological progressions are one of the main means used in Horoscopic astrology to forecast future trends and developments (the other means is transits, which are simply the ongoing movements of the planets across the sky). As its name implies, astrological progression involves a method of progressing the Horoscope forward from the moment of the birth or beginning of the subject into the future, and is most usually done for the birth or natal chart of a particular individual.

There are two main forms of progression: Secondary progression or 'a-day-for-a-year' progression ; and Solar arc direction or 'a-degree-for-a-year' progression. Apart from these there are a variety of other methods of progression have also been used. They include the following:

Minor progression - one lunar month after birth equals one year of life
Tertiary progression - one day after birth equals one lunar month of life

Presented here is a chart for Marie Antoinette. Notice the TNPs Cupido-Admetus placed significantly on the descendant.

The table below gives the minor progression of Marie Antoinette’s chart [1] for the current period. The progressed Ascendant touches the conjunction of  Cupido-Admetus.


Marie-Antoinette - Natal Chart
 2 Nov 1755 NS, 7:30 pm, LMT -1:05:20
 Vienna Austria, 48°N13', 016°E20'
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 Koch Houses,  True Node

Selection: Tertiary

P1 (H)      Asp          P2 (H)      EXL          Type        Date                  Pos1              Pos2       

Asc (6)     Cnj           Cup (6)    (X)           Mp-Na     19 May 2018   24°Sg02' D      24°Sg02' D
Asc (6)     Cnj           Adm (6)   (X)           Mp-Na     1 Jul 2018       26°Sg36' D     26°Sg36' D

*** END REPORT ***

Martha Wescott delineates Cupido-Admetus as a home in a rural or isolated area which is what the news is about. How strange that a chart that is over 250 years old with its owner long dead and gone still works perfectly!

Finally we look at the chart for the upcoming New Moon [24ta36] drawn for Versailles. Notice that the New Moon is exactly conjunct the MC and is amid the stars Algol and Gorgonia Tertia in Medusa’s decapitated head. These stars have been linked to violent deaths including beheadings. Is the New Moon shining a light on a Queen who was beheaded?


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